Main Programs

Don't frustrate yourself with the trial and error of a do-it-yourself program.

Vital Physique Personal Trainer, Jamie L. Reinhardt, uses the most effective systems for getting clients into shape. You will achieve your fitness goals faster under her guidance.

Vital Physique's mentoring approach to training is the key to goal success.

Clients need to challenge themselves in order to reach their fitness goals. Personal goals can include reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, improving cardiovascular health, general conditioning, and improved strength for a particular sport or recreational hobby.

Training Approach

The most effective approach to strength training is to adopt a periodized training program.

Unfortunately, most strength training programs are not designed with the concept of periodization in mind. Vital Physique's Training Programs are designed to progressively build balance, strength and endurance over a specific period of time. Not only does it help in the prevention of injury and over training, it also gives the individual the best chance of peaking physically at the right time.

Reach your fitness goals with proven techniques.

Clients must divide their time and energy amongst various types of training to successfully progress in their strength training workouts. Vital Physique's Training Programs may include core conditioning, strength and power development, endurance conditioning, agility and balance control drills, yoga, foam roller exercises, and various stretching modalities.

No initiation fees, no monthly dues, and no crowds.

While at-home sessions are available, clients are encouraged to have their sessions on-location in our semi-private training studio. On-location sessions will give you access to cable machines, free weights, squat racks, an Olympic platform, agility and balance equipment, commercial cardiovascular machines, therapy bands, yoga props, and foam rollers.